Floral Park Recreation Notes


The Floral Park Recreation Summer 2014 programs have now reached their half way point. While youngsters still have four more weeks of camps and activities, the night time volleyball and basketball programs are now gearing up for their final push to the playoff and championship rounds. Of the 55 adult teams competing, only Madness and Chaos (B league basketball) and Poppy’s (Women’s competitive volleyball) have managed to move through the season without a blemish on their records. Playoffs for volleyball are on Aug. 6 and Aug. 7, while basketball quarterfinals begin Thursday, July 31. Family, friends and spectators are always welcome. Good luck to all teams and players during their quest to become Floral Park’s Champions of the Summer of 2014.

As in past years, the Floral Park Recreation Department sprinkled in some expert instruction along with the recreational format of the various camps. Many thanks go out to Lisa O’Grady (OLV volleyball coach) for presenting an excellent volleyball clinic for our beginning junior players. Once again, Nassau Community College football Coach Ed Mack and his players have volunteered their time to give a few pointers for all youngsters grades 4 and above on Wednesday, June 30. The junior football clinic kicks off at 8:30 a.m., while senior campers (grades 7 and above) will receive instruction beginning at 10 a.m. Some features will include pass and catch techniques and NFL style agility drills. All Floral Park youth entering grades 4 and above are invited to attend. At that same time, Chris Schneider, outstanding and championship basketball coach at both St. Mary’s and Sacred Heart, will be on hand to present a comprehensive basketball clinic for both our junior and senior future female basketball stars.

The second Championship Thursday of the Summer was July 24, and as in past years, excitement and “last to first” playoffs were once again in order. Going into the girls volleyball playoffs, the last place Blue Elephants, coached by counselor Christina Ast upset first place Golden Jaguars in the semi-finals and then went on to capture the championship against the Volley Ballers. The champion Blue Elephants were lead by the fine play of Caroline Lubicich, Angleina Arlotta, and Briana Conboy. Other members of the Blue Elephants are Tasnim Daouaou, Natalia Gechlik, Julia Manolios, Mia Savignano, Marisa Fernandez, Jody Niles, Grace Locasto, Ciara O’Hagan, and Claire Palmer.

The same scenario took place in the semi-finals of the Junior soccer league, when the outstanding play of Matt Magyar helped last place Manchester United upset first place Barcelona.  

In the most exciting contest of the summer, the squad from Manchester United could be heard chanting “Zeros to Heroes” as they captured the championship against Arsenal in the finals. Winning teams member of Man U were Christopher Blatz, Tiernan O’Reilly, David Hughes, Declan O’Hara, Matt Magyar, Ronan Boyle, James Haselbaur, Matt Locasto, Greg Goerke, Magnus Monroe, Greg Tam, Braden Brown, Daniel O’Hara, Rowan Hayes, Joseph Petrosino, Daniel Streiber, and Ryan Cleere. In the senior volleyball and soccer leagues, regular season play was a barometer of what was to come in the playoffs. A spirited Turbos team bested the Blue Pineapples in the girls’ volleyball finals. Excellent play by Aly Wildeman, Katherine Stewart, Ailish Haslabuer, Katie Sandford, Lina Daouaou, Julia Minogue and Lea Reichert. Haiti went on to defeat India in the World Cup Senior boys soccer finals behind the excellent all around play of Chris McKie. Haiti team members are Steven Tursi, Brendan Shanahan, Michael Buzzeo, Griffen Casale, Joe Krug, Pawan Mirchandani, Christian Bergam, Tim Cartmell, Brendan Fogarty and Paul Lubiscich.

Campers of Week 4 were Steve “Birdman” Tursi and Sabrina Nagel.

The theme of the week for July 28 preschool and arts and crafts programs will be “Pirate Week”.Enrollment in these programs is always open to the children of village residents. Crafts include foam pirate hats, treasure chests and velvet picture frames.

Tennis Notes: During the past week, the youngest group of future stars had a great time while being introduced to the fundamentals of the game via individual instructions, drills and group contests. Great playing skills were displayed by Liam Hill, Patrick Carrig, Andrew Powers, Liam Dolan and Justin Ionitescu.

Staff members of note for the past week were Chris Pecorini, Danielle O’Grady, Rich Fitzmaurice, Sheila McKendry, Mike Chiara, Commissioners Aileen Willie and Dan McKeon.

— Submitted by John Michon

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