Letter: A Real Court Jester


Is Kimba Woods a judge — or a joke? Queen Kimba recently gave a convicted 60-year-old thief 39 years to pay back the $300,567 in disability pension benefits that he virtually stole by faking a Long Island Rail Road disability. She’s only asking him to pay back $700 a month; on top of her sentencing of another LIRR fraudster to pay back the $300,000 he stole at a mere $25 a month — meaning that it would theoretically take him 982 years. This “sentence” would be funny if it wasn’t sad for society and the rule of law. I’d like to point out to Judge Woods (whom I’d like to sentence for judicial malpractice in my own Court of Common Sense) that the dictionary defines a “judge” as “someone capable of making rational and wise decisions.” These decisions of hers could make iron statue of Lady Justice cry tears of shame underneath her blindfold.

— Richard Siegelman

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