Wounded Warrior Supporters Host Marines


Floral Park and members of the Nassau County Firefighters Operation Wounded Warrior (NCFF-OWW) organization recently hosted six wounded warriors from Camp Lejeune who were in town for the Superbowl festivities in New York and New Jersey. Members of the organization had previously visited the soldiers in December 2013 during an NCFF-OWW caravan visit to the Marine Corps base in North Carolina. NCFF-OWW annually delivers donated items from Long Island to several groups of wounded soldiers along the East Coast.

Several weeks before the Superbowl, NCFF-OWW was notified that some of the wounded Marines would be visiting the area for the game and the weekend festivities.

“The Marines just wanted to see Hometown USA and what better place than our local village,” said NCFF-OWW Chairman Joe O’Grady. “We simply took them to breakfast and shared some enjoyable quality time with them at the Floral Park Fire Department Headquarters.”

O’Grady said the wounded soldiers shared stories about their families and also about the events that led to their injuries.

“Even a small event like this helps their healing as they are reminded that residents do appreciate their spirit of volunteerism and that the sacrifices they and their families have made for the American way of life we enjoy and cherish, have not gone unnoticed,” O’Grady said.

Some of the NCFF-OWW supporters who do not usually make the

annual trip to make the deliveries to the wounded soldiers were also invited to breakfast with the visiting Marines. Visit www.ncff-oww.org for information about the local organization.

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