Warning For Pet Owners


The Nassau County SPCA is asking all pet owners to limit their pet’s time outdoors and to bring pets that are normally kept outdoors inside, this includes outdoor cats.

“All pets should be inside; never leave your pet outside for extended periods of time in the cold, even in a doghouse,” said Cathy Grasman, owner of Jo-Mar Grooming in Floral Park. “With these extreme temperatures our pets can get frostbite and even freeze to death.”

Prolonged exposure to cold results in a drop in pet’s body temperature and hypothermia. Frostbite can also occur in pets to the parts that are the most exposed and least protected by fur. It often accompanies hypothermia. Frostbite tends to involve the tail, ear tips, pads of the feet, and other exposed areas.

Grasman said, “If you notice a pet being locked outside in the winter, be sure to report it to your local law enforcement and humane officers.” To report animal cruelty email crueltystoppers@ncspca.us or visit www.nassaucountyspca.org or call 516-843-7722.

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