Residents Pass Capital Reserve Vote


On Tuesday, Jan. 14, more than 400 Floral Park residents turned out to express their opinion of releasing funds from the capital reserve account to proceed with needed school repairs and maintenance. The referendum passed by 397 (yes) to 77 (no) votes from registered residents.

The advice of the district’s architect was sought. Several projects were identified as a higher priority, including increased school security and improvements to the buildings’ energy efficiency. The projects are scheduled to begin in the summer.

Breakdown in costs

Security Upgrades: Floral Park-Bellerose School ($490,000) and John Lewis Childs ($410,000)

Window Replacements: Floral Park-Bellerose School ($318,00) and John Lewis Childs ($212,000)

The security upgrades will include galvanized steel doors, security hardware, monitored cameras, proximity card readers, controlled vestibules, and new classroom doors.

The school district’s budget allows for a capital reserve fund, to fund needed repairs or other approved expenses, but it is necessary for the registered voting residents to approve the transfer of funds from the account to actually be used for the expenses.

The approval of the use of the money does not raise taxes. The account is already funded; $1,430,000 is on reserve.

Visit the school district’s website at: for additional information.

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