Aircraft Noise Complaints Welcome


Over the past several weeks it seems as though aircraft noise over the skies of Floral Park has remained steady, and is in need of relief.

“While the Village of Floral Park is geographically situated seven miles from Kennedy International Airport and as a result, understands that it is going to experience the impact of aircraft landing on Runway 22L, it is unacceptable that during the month of December, planes were landing in this flight pattern in excess of 14 and 18 hours in any given period of time,” said Floral Park Trustee Mary-Grace Tomecki, who serves as the village’s noise abatement officer. “As a result, when air traffic becomes unbearable, I am encouraging all residents to call the newly-established Port Authority hotline to issue their complaint.”

Excessive aircraft noise is that in excess of eight hours, or throughout the overnight hours.

“In Floral Park’s ongoing effort to promote an equitable distribution of air traffic over Western Nassau County, I am encouraging all residents to call the Port Authority’s newly-established noise hotline to submit a complaint about the impact that noise has on our shared quality of life,” said Tomecki.

She said the New York. New Jersey Port Authority has express its commitment to respond to every complaint that is made. She confirmed that the Port Authority has responded to the registered complaints that she has been made aware of. Noise complaints can be registered at or by calling the noise hotline at 800-225-1071. ­­

—Christy Hinko

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