Village Board Notes: August 31, 2012


A regular meeting of the Board of Trustees was held on August 21 at 8:30 p.m.    

The meeting opened with a pledge to the flag. Present were Mayor Thomas J. Tweedy, Trustees James E. Rhatigan, Mary-Grace Tomecki, Dominick A. Longobardi, Kevin M. Fitzgerald, Village Administrator Patrick E. Farrell, Village Clerk Susan E. Walsh, Superintendent of Building Department and Superintendent of Public Works Stephen L. Siwinski, Police Lieutenant Michael Suppe and Village Attorney John E. Ryan.

On motion by Trustee Rhatigan, seconded by Trustee Tomecki, and carried unanimously, the board approved the minutes of:

July 21 – Regular Board Meeting

Trustee Tomecki offered Resolution No. 2012-171 approving the Schedule of Accounts Payable consisting of the following:

General Fund    $2,148,145.71

Swimming Pool    $138,304.39

Community Development    $0

Capital Fund    $343.42          

Grand Total    $2,286,793.52

The Resolution was seconded by Trustee Longobardi and adopted on roll call as follows:

Trustee Rhatigan    Aye

Trustee Tomecki    Aye

Trustee Longobardi    Aye

Trustee Fitzgerald    Aye

Mayor Tweedy    Aye

On motion by Trustee Longobardi, seconded by Trustee Fitzgerald, and carried unanimously, the board approved the listed block parties in accordance with Section 32-12d of the village code.  

Trustee Tomecki offered Resolution No. 2012-172 approving Michael Alilionis, Kevin L. Garcia, Anne Reinhart and Megan Wakely as members of the Floral Park Fire Department having received arson clearance from the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office, a physical and subject to a background check from the Floral Park Police Department.

The resolution was seconded by Trustee Fitzgerald and adopted on roll call as follows:

Trustee Rhatigan    Aye

Trustee Tomecki    Aye

Trustee Longobardi    Aye

Trustee Fitzgerald    Aye

Mayor Tweedy    Aye

On motion by Trustee Rhatigan, seconded by Trustee Tomecki, and carried unanimously, the board approved the request of Floral Park Memorial High School to hold its annual homecoming parade on Saturday, October 13, at 11 a.m. with the parade route starting on Locust Street, left on Miller Avenue to Plainfield Avenue, right on Plainfield to Carnation Avenue, left on Carnation Avenue to Caroline Place, sharp right on Caroline Place to Tulip Avenue, right on Tulip to Plainfield Avenue, right on Plainfield to Our Lady of Victory, left to Floral Parkway, right on Floral Parkway to Locust Street, right on Locust Street to school, with permission granted for the Marching Band, Florettes, Cheerleaders and Dance Team to perform on the corner of Tulip Avenue and Verbena Avenue.

On motion by Trustee Tomecki, seconded by Trustee Longobardi, and carried unanimously, the board approved the request of the South Side Civic Association to use the Recreation Center Tulip Room for meetings on September 13, November 8, January 10, March 14 and May 9, 2013.

Local Law No. 5-2012

Trustee Tomecki gave the following report:  

“Mr. Mayor, as the building commissioner and the noise abatement officer, I am pleased to lend my support for Local Law No. 5 of 2012, which amends Section 99-24.F of the Zoning Code of the Incorporated Village of Floral Park.  As you have already denoted, Section 99-24.F seeks to address the permissible locations for freestanding heating and cooling equipment within residential properties. In recent years, an increasing number of homeowners in Floral Park have sought to invest in the purchase and installation of central air conditioning units. Such units improve the quality of air enjoyed within a dwelling and in turn, provide comfort, especially for airborne allergy sufferers. However, given the average lot and dwelling size in Floral Park, accompanied by the existing noise code, the challenge has always been the appropriate location for such units, which can be loud when operating on a residential property. Thus, the desire to improve the value of one’s home and standard of living in the Village of Floral Park is to be encouraged, but of course not promoted at the expense of the quality of life enjoyed by neighboring properties.  

Nevertheless, the proposed amendment put forth by the Department of Buildings is to be commended for its ability to accommodate this vital category of investment, while affording adjacent property owners an element of quietness. The 10-foot side yard requirement, for example, suggests that the majority of property owners would be obligated to install the units on the side of the house abutting the driveway, providing additional distance between the neighboring property and the units. Meanwhile, requiring property owners to locate it at a minimum of 45 feet from the front property line helps ensure that the noise generated by the units while operating will be contained within the property. Also, worthy of highlighting is the role of attenuation in the installation of such units, which further mitigates the potential for a negative impact on neighbors. Furthermore, passage of this law will minimize the need and more importantly, the personal expense to homeowners having to be heard by the Board of Zoning Appeals at a time when money is tight and construction costs can deter investment.

Thus, tonight, as indicated, I am pleased to support the passage of Local Law No. 5 of 2012, which allows Floral Park homeowners the ability to improve the value of their residential dwellings and in turn, their daily life, without undermining the quality of life enjoyed by neighbors”.

Covert Avenue Chamber Of Commerce Meeting

Trustee Longobardi reported that the annual Covert Avenue Chamber of Commerce Street Fair will be held on Saturday, September 8 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. This year’s street fair will be bigger and better than last year’s with more rides and activities for everyone. As always, given the great restaurants located on Covert Avenue and other fine food establishments that join them for the day, good food items will be everywhere along Covert Avenue. Local merchants will be out in force to offer great deals and show off their wares.  Local bands, dancers and choral groups will be providing entertainment throughout the day. The Floral Park Fire Department is bringing its smoke house and along with the Stewart Manor Fire Department will offer fire prevention information and demonstrations. The Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter will appear again this year with a chance for anyone who is looking to give one of its four-legged friends a new home. Many local civic, fraternal and service groups will be on hand as well. Raffles will be going on during the day so take a chance to win some great prizes. It is always a great day and the villages of Floral Park and Stewart Manor are proud of their local businesses. Trustee Longobardi urged everyone to come down and get to know their local storeowners and enjoy the day. If you are a local merchant and wish to participate by selling goods at the street fair, information can be found at

Recreation Center And Pool

Trustee Fitzgerald said that as the summer starts to come to a close, he would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire staff of the recreation center and pool under the supervision of Kurt Meyfohrt and Tom Dillon, respectively, for yet another summer season that was enjoyed by all of our residents. Trustee Fitzgerald had the opportunity over the last week to spend some significant time at our facility including witnessing the morning sports Olympic Day and it was clear to see by the energy and sportsmanship exhibited by our young residents that the spirit of London 2012 is alive and well here in Floral Park.

Trustee Fitzgerald said he would be remiss if he did not take this opportunity to thank the resident volunteers who serve on the pool and recreation committees for providing direction and allowing his first year season as recreation commissioner to be a seamless one. Trustee Fitzgerald also thanked his predecessors who sit on the current board and previous board.  

Mayor’s Report

Mayor Tweedy said that last week he had the pleasure of attending the Summer Recreation Awards held at the recreation center which is the highlight of the summer camp season. The recreation center is one of the jewels of the village offering a wide range of opportunity for residents in the summer such as free Red Cross swimming instruction for pool members, children’s day camp, children’s sports camps; and for the adults, swimming aerobic classes, volleyball, basketball and softball leagues and tennis, to name a few. Throughout the year, the recreation center is an oasis that our residents can enjoy.  

Mayor Tweedy reported that August 21 was declared ‘Sewanhaka High School Reunion for the Class of 1944 Day’ and that he was very pleased to attend a luncheon in their honor at Koenig’s Restaurant to celebrate their 68th reunion. Twenty members attended and everyone looked wonderful.  They all shared stories about the Depression, World War II and how they enjoyed raising their families in Floral Park. They complimented the village on how good it looked and how well maintained it is. Mayor Tweedy said he was particularly glad to attend the reunion as he was the youngest person in the room, something which he said does not happen to him often.

Mayor Tweedy was sad to report that a very well-liked member of the public works staff, Richard Durecko, recently passed away. But he said it was heartening to see his fellow village colleagues come to his aid by donating their sick time to him so that he could continue to be paid while he was at home battling his illness. Mayor Tweedy also thanked Village Clerk Susan Walsh who, with great compassion, worked with Richard’s family throughout this difficult time. Mayor Tweedy expressed his deepest sympathy to Richard’s family and said that we will all keep him in our prayers.             

On motion by Trustee Rhatigan, seconded by Trustee Tomecki, and carried unanimously, Mayor Tweedy recessed the meeting at 9 p.m. 

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