Editorial: Keeping Cool At The Pool


According to LIPA, conservation is the operative word when dealing with the scorching temperatures and withering humidity that’s continued to make perspiring feel like it should be considered a demonstration sport at the upcoming London Olympics. While no one is suggesting you quietly simmer in your household with the air conditioner off, the best option would be to take advantage of the Floral Park Recreation Center. Officially open for the season on June 9, the pool has a wide-ranging number of events aimed at kids of all ages. On July 26, D&J Refreshments is sponsoring a 1950s Roll Back Night, July 27 is when patrons get to indulge their sweet tooth with Top Your Own Sundae and August 2 is a Moonlight Movies theme where poolside videos of the latest releases and all-time children’s movies that the whole family can enjoy will be screened. For more information, be sure to visit the Floral Park Pool webpage. In the meantime, it all adds up to probably the best way to beat the heat and keep your electric bill down.

— DGdR

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