Editorial: Basketball Benefactor


It seems as if every other day there’s mention on WFAN or ESPN of some athlete ending up getting their mugshot taken for a wide variety of crimes and misdemeanors. So it’s refreshing to hear about a jock that’s taking the time to give back, particularly on the local level. Such is the case with San Antonio Spur Danny Green, who this week just got through hosting a basketball camp at Floral Park Memorial High School.

From July 9-12, Green worked with players of all skill levels, ranging in age from 5 to 18. In addition to grilling these kids on attempting to master basketball fundamentals, the NBA star and his staff preached to these aspiring hoop stars that the road to achieving their dreams is through hard work and determination. And if shaping young minds wasn’t enough, Green will also be participating in the Malone Mulhall Benefit basketball game being held at Adelphi University on Saturday, July 28. This event was established to do charitable work in the names of Floral Park natives Mulhall, Jamie and Paige Malone, all who perished in a fatal 2010 car crash on the way to work at Camp Anchor. The game’s proceeds will go to foundations and a scholarship created in the name of these late counselors. Green’s involvement will hopefully generate ticket sales and if nothing else, it’s one less professional athlete who’ll be doing a perp walk on the evening news.

— DGdR

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