Letter: Honor Our Veterans – Wear A Poppy


Do you know why we honor our deceased veterans with the wearing of the poppy? Why do veterans of the William Bradford Turner Post No. 265 and its Ladies Auxiliary Unit distribute hospitalized veteran-made poppies on Memorial Day and throughout the month of May?

Some of the bloodiest battles of World War I took place in the areas of northern France, and southwest Belgium known as Flanders. The war-torn area was left in destruction, mud-laden and with no vegetation. Soldiers (hundreds being our own) were buried there, where they had made the ultimate sacrifice. It was discovered in 1915 that the turned soil, where the soldiers were interred, became fertile for fields of poppies to grow once again. As the soldiers of all nations viewed the resurgent massive fields of poppies, they came to look upon the poppy flower as the living symbol of their dead comrades’ sacrifice. The red blossom soon assumed sacred significance, as the flower of remembrance, for those whose lives had been lost in the defense of freedom.

Thus, the members of our Legion and Auxiliary urge you to wear a poppy, especially at this time on and surrounding Memorial Day. Give tribute to those who gave their lives in service, and assist us in our efforts for veterans and their families who now need our help.

Jacqueline Burdi-Eltringham
Poppy Drive Chairlady
Ladies Auxiliary
American Legion Post No. 265

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