Letter: Award-Deserving ‘Just One Pill’ Series Helps Open Dialogue


I want to commend Ronald Scaglia on an excellently written and well researched three-part series “Just One Pill” that appeared in three consecutive editions through May in the Anton Community Newspapers and is available online. As a former journalist and editor, I consider the series representative of excellent journalism and a contender for award recognition. 

This informative article should be a warning knell and a resource to parents, grandparents and anyone who interacts with young people. I’ve copied the article and have given it to my adult children for their enlightenment. Hopefully, they will share the information they glean from the article with their children and with their peers to encourage discussion.

Thanks to Mr. Scaglia and Anton Newspapers for bringing this topic into the headlines. As a community, we cannot deny that the problem exists here as it does in every other community. As parents, we cannot deny that our children are at risk. As grandparents, we cannot deny that we may be contributors if we don’t exercise precautions. Recognition and open discussion are essential to easing the problems that result from drug abuse.

Louise Cassano

(Editor’s note: To access the three-part “Just One Pill” series go to: www. antonnews.com)

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