Letter: The Floral Park Community Is Stronger as One


Saint Baldrick’s is a volunteer-driven organization to which they are dedicated to help find cures for childhood cancers. There are a total of 160,000 children diagnosed with cancer worldwide. The more volunteers the better!

This event unites the community and helps bring everyone a little closer. Strangers become friends and stories about survival spark a little hope in everyone’s mind. The Floral Park community in time of need always grows and creates a bond that is inseparable. We are stronger as one. Last year, the total fundraising for Saint Baldrick’s Day from Floral Park was $275,00, which is phenomenal!

I have personally seen what it is like to have friends and family shave their head for this remarkable event. Seeing close ones walk around with baldheads does not make me sad but brings a smile to my face. It is more than a bald shinny head but a symbol of bravery and dedication to those who are less fortunate.

At the College of Saint Rose, in Albany New York, last April my school participated with the organization and had a remarkable turnout. Throughout the campus men and women were completely bald and walked with their heads held high knowing they did the right thing.

The donors are the representatives for the children with cancer. These young and innocent children will never understand why they were stricken with cancer, but the more volunteers and donors we have for Saint Baldrick’s Day the closer we will be for cures. It is not their choice to loose their hair, or have to go through this horrific trauma but it is our choice to help and reach out!

Joseph Lancelot
Bellerose Terrace

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