Mayor’s Message Village of Floral Park: January 19, 2012


Resolution for Opposition of Belmont Park’s Casino

WHEREAS, the Village of Floral Park has been a hosting community of Belmont Park, which has enjoyed a peaceful, neighborly relationship for over a century; and,

WHEREAS, since 2008 the State of New York has retained full ownership and control of the over the 430 acre constituting Belmont Park property, which, pursuant to its agreement with the New York Racing Association, continues to operate one of the world’s premier thoroughbred horse facilities; and,

WHEREAS, in the most recent State of the State address, the State of New York’s Governor has called for  a constitutional amendment allowing for casino gaming in the State of New York; and,

WHEREAS, the Village of Floral Park has four formally recognized civic associations within its community, namely the West End Civic Association, the North End Civic Association, the South Side Civic Association and the Hillcrest Civic Association, which serve as a valuable resource and conduit for citizens to express their views and concerns to their elected representatives in the Village of Floral Park; and,

WHEREAS, the West End Civic Association, the Village of Floral Park’s oldest association founded in 1920 to protect the interests of the residents of Floral Park, and, in particular, its West End residents, has passed a resolution expressing their opposition to the placement of a casino at Belmont Park and calling upon their elected representatives to acknowledge and support such sentiments;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Village of Floral Park acknowledges, supports and agrees with the resolution of the West End Civic Association, which is incorporated by reference herein; and BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Village of Floral Park opposes any casino or casino gaming at Belmont Park.


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