Floral Park Fire Lines: January 5, 2012


Fire Prevention Reminders; Dedicated Volunteers Needed

Fire is devastating; it is one of the most destructive forces of nature. House fires inevitably cause a loss of property, and occasionally loss of life or severe injury. Recently, a Brooklyn house fire critically injured a firefighter, and on Christmas night in Connecticut a family was lost. Floral Park has also suffered grave losses in fires. Most fires are avoidable. It is incumbent upon each of us to take appropriate precautions to avoid the threat of fire.  Install and maintain smoke detectors and conduct regular fire escape drills with your family.  

The Floral Park Fire Department puts on an annual fire prevention display teaching residents how to plan for the unexpected. But a one-day display is not enough. Your fire department will provide a free house inspection and instruction for family fire safety. Part of our responsibility as firefighters is to annually inspect commercial establishments for violations and to issue written ‘correct and conform’ warnings, which are then followed up by the Nassau County Fire Marshal’s Office. While we have no authority in private dwellings, we will, at your request, come into your home and make suggestions on how to minimize fire hazards as well as instruct you and your children on how to react in the event of a fire. We will familiarize you with our response protocols and equipment, and we will answer any questions you may have in order to ease any misunderstandings you may have.

As always, we are looking for dedicated volunteers. Please consider joining the Floral Park Fire Department in 2102. Teenagers between 14-18 years of age may join our Fire Explorer Post to learn the basics of firefighting and Emergency Medical Services. These are skills that will aid our young people throughout their life, regardless of career. They may provide assistance at fire scenes and also participate in parades. Adult residents are urged to consider joining as firefighters or EMS members.  There are five companies within the Floral Park Fire Department: 3-Engine Companies, 1-Ladder Company, and 1-Heavy Rescue/ EMS Company.  Each company meets once a month and drills once a month (minimum). The three engine companies are located in the north, center (Fire Headquarters), and west-end of the village. The Hook & Ladder and Rescue Company are located at Fire Headquarters, in the same building as the Village Hall.  All training and equipment are provided free, and you will be doing a great community service, not to mention working with your neighbors and making new friends in the process.

On behalf of Chief John Kelleher, his staff, and the officers and members of the Floral Park Fire Department, I wish you all a happy, safe and prosperous New Year.


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