WECA Opposes Belmont Ractrack Casino


[Editor’s Note: The following was submitted by the Floral Park West End Civic Association.]

A resolution was recently passed by the West End Civic Association, Floral Park’s oldest association founded in 1920, to protect the interests of the residents of Floral Park, particularly the West End residents, who have a very high percentage of voters in all local, state and national elections and pay close attention to local civil matters.

“It has come to the attention of the membership that there are some individual politicians and officer holders who are supporting the creation of a gambling casino controlled and run by a tribe of American Indians on the grounds of a Belmont Race Track and we understand that Belmont Race Track has faced financial difficulties and we desire to maintain Belmont Race Track as the premier racing facility in the United States.

“Such a casino project run by any American Indian Tribe would irreparably damage our neighborhood and our quality of life and the quality of life for our children and generations yet to come.”

“It was resolved that the membership assembled unanimously request that elected public officials oppose any such project which would involve a gambling casino under the control of or run by an American Indian Tribe. We urge our members, their families and friends to write their elected public officials asking them to publicly state their strong and unbending opposition to an American Indian Trible running a casino at Belmont Race Track.

“Our Association offers to convey a copy of this resolution to all elected government officials, especially our State Senator Jack Martins and request that he enlist the entire Nassau Delegation in the New York State Senate to oppose any such casino both through public statements and through their vote to defeat any such proposal that comes before the New York State Senate and to further direct our officers to report back to the membership through the newsletter, which goes to each West End home and through the local weekly papers, which officials support, oppose or remain silent on this issue so we can vote appropriately in the future selecting our elected officials.”


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