Letter: ‘I Say No to Belmont Casino’


I am opposed to any type of casino, coliseum, or sports complex being built at Belmont Park and to express my views about what should be done with at least some of the open space there, I would like to see a major portion of the development turned into senior housing.

The north end of the property, in the area of the Floral Park-Bellerose School District would be a perfect location, acting as a buffer between the beleaguered residents of the West End of Floral Park and the other situations at the track, posing absolutely no threat to the school, the neighborhood, or to traffic congestion.

A casino or a sports complex will result in more traffic everywhere and on already overloaded roads, an increase in crime and a general decline in the quality of life for all area neighborhoods including Elmont, South Floral Park, Franklin Square, North Valley Stream and Floral Park.

As for the myth of local construction jobs being created, these developers bring in their own crews from out of town anyway, so where will these jobs come from?

As far as continuing employment at a casino, the Shinnecock Nation will use their people to run the park and only a handful of local people will be hired to do anything. Again, absolutely no benefit to the community.

The current plans for Belmont do not serve the interests of the local communities, are totally unacceptable and should be scrapped.

Joe Contardi
Floral Park Resident

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