Village Board Notes: November 10, 2011


A regular meeting of the board of trustees was held on Nov.1, at 8 p.m. Prior to the start of the board meeting, Mayor Tweedy asked for a moment of silence in memory of Phyliss Kelleher, mother of Fire Chief John Kelleher and ex-Fire Chief Kevin Kelleher, brothers who have nobly served the Village of Floral Park and sons of an equally civic-minded mother, Phyliss Kelleher.  

Mayor Tweedy announced that before the start of the public hearing and board meeting, there was very important and enjoyable business to attend to.  Community Service Awards were presented to four most deserving young ladies and gentlemen. 

On Oct.1, the Village of Floral Park dedicated the 9-11 Relic Steel Memorial which can be clearly seen as you enter Village Hall. The dedication was a moving and appropriate moment in the history of this beautiful Village. Village Clerk Susan Walsh coordinated the myriad of details of the dedication ceremony and reached out to Kathy Sottile, Principal of Floral Park Memorial High School, before school closed in June who directed Susan to Lisa Kolb, chairwoman of the Music Department of Floral Park Memorial. Cursory discussions were shared and our Village Clerk was assured all would be well and that the high school was thrilled at being involved in the dedication.  Time passed and it was learned that the SATs had been scheduled for the same day. Therefore, the greatest of plans had a huge wrench thrown into the mix. However, Lisa Kolb assured Susan Walsh that there was nothing to worry about, and little did we know what sage advice that was.  

Floral Park Memorial High School student Janina Salorio was the picture of poise as she flawlessly sang the national anthem and God Bless America for the ceremony. Fellow student, Fiona Calberson, had an even more challenging task.  She was the violin soloist as the names of those honored who were killed 10 years ago were read. Lisa and Fiona selected Liebeslide: The Sadness of Love.  The piece is approximately 3 minutes 15 seconds in length but the laying of roses around the segmented circle at each loved ones name took longer than the piece.  With complete poise and calm, she continued the stanzas and concluded the song perfectly.  The assembly was in silent rapture, reflecting on the haunting elegance of the selected piece so beautifully presented by Fiona.  Her piece was enriched by the placement of roses upon the stone where each victim’s name was etched.  Those duties were respectfully executed by our ex-Chiefs Joseph O’Grady and Frank Cantreva and a young gentleman of his own unique achievement, Eagle Scout James Callan and Life Scout Ryan Pierce who also distributed programs and ushered attendees to their seats.  

Mayor Tweedy said he knows there are those who think themselves cheated that they missed that morning’s ceremony.  It is a moment captured in time by the efforts of many but none so uniquely as those four young ladies and gentlemen.  We often hear about the failures of the next generation; however, Mayor Tweedy could not be more proud and confident of the future of this great country than he is today having been the fortunate recipient of their generous and talented gifts they shared with their Village. The Mayor said he can only imagine the joy these young people bring to their Principal Kathy Sottile and their parents who are here tonight.

Department of Public Works

Trustee Longobardi said that it is a great time of year when the leaves on the trees turn beautiful colors and begin to fall ever so gently onto the grass, driveway, sidewalk and everywhere else they can find a little space. It also means it is the time of year when we have to remove all those leaves from all of those places. Trustee Longobardi reminded residents that leaves should be collected in the proper receptacles and placed for collection on the appropriate yard waste collection day.  Leaves should never be raked into the street and left to be collected as they create driving, tripping, drainage and other hazards to neighbors and friends. Wet leaves can cause road surfaces to become slippery as if they were covered with ice. Trustee Longobardi urged everyone to be considerate of neighbors and follow the established laws.        

Four Village Studio

Trustee Fitzgerald was pleased to announce that Four Village Studio was the winner of three awards at this year’s “Alliance for Community Media, Northeast Regional Video Festival.” Davidson & Co. won the first-place award in the General Talk Show category while episodes of Village Focus and Technically Speaking won second place awards in the Children & Youth and Instructional & Training categories respectively.  These shows were selected from a pool of over 500 shows that were submitted to compete for these honors. In its 12-year history, Four Village Studio has garnered over 35 awards in a wide variety of categories.

Congratulations to the staff, guests and producers for being recognized for the outstanding and informational programs that are produced and aired on a weekly basis.  This year’s award-winning programs will be rebroadcast on Dec. 5 and Dec. 8 at 8 p.m.    

On motion by Trustee Fitzgerald, seconded by Trustee Tomecki, and carried unanimously, Mayor Tweedy recessed the meeting at 8:45 pm.

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