Village Board Notes: October 13, 2011


A regular meeting of the board of trustees was held on Oct. 4, at 8:40 p.m.    

Building Department

Trustee Rhatigan reported that the Building Department has received an application for a convenience store at the old Sizzler property on Jericho Turnpike. This application is considered a special use permit so it needs to be heard at a public hearing by the board of trustees.  

The Building Department is waiting for the architect to file the necessary drawings, the building permit application and the approved County permit for Phase II of the Our Lady of Victory Church renovation.  

The Zoning Board of Appeals has four cases scheduled for their meeting on Oct. 12. There are an additional eight cases waiting to be heard. The board is considering hearing six cases in November.  

The Architectural Review Board heard 12 cases this month.

The annual fire inspections and public assembly inspections are currently under way.

Department of Public Works

Trustee Longobardi reported that maintenance work to many of our village buildings and facilities is currently in the planning stages or is under way. The maintenance work of all Village facilities is the responsibility of the Department of Public Works. The laundry list of repairs never seems to end. Imagine the list of things that need fixing in your home and multiply it by 10. Examples of items that appear on the list include the roofs at both the library and Central Garage that need repair because of leaks; the heating system at the Central Garage is not working properly; the Fire Department Headquarter’s rug needs to be replaced; crack sealing is being done at the Woodbine Court parking lot; the waste oil tank needs to be upgraded; catch basins are being vacuumed and cleaned in preparation of the coming leaf season which will hopefully alleviate drainage back ups; line striping continues throughout the village; and, of course, pothole and street repair is ongoing before the cold weather. This work is all part of a routine day at the Department of Public Works. Public Works is like a family, working hard to maintain their house in the best condition they can with the resources they have. Just as residents are proud of the homes they live in, so are the workers at DPW proud of the home they maintain, the Village of Floral Park.

Covert Avenue Chamber of Commerce

Trustee Longobardi wanted to take the opportunity to congratulate Joe Tetro, owner of Salon DiCapelli on Covert Avenue and JoAnne Adams, public relations director for the New York Racing Association. The Covert Avenue Chamber of Commerce and the Floral Park Chamber of Commerce, respectively, have honored these two fine individuals as the Chamber of Commerce Business Person of the Year. Having had the privilege of working with both of these individuals in various capacities, Trustee Longobardi said the Chambers made very wise choices in their selections this year. Both Joe and JoAnne are active members of their Chambers and do not hesitate when it comes to giving back to the community. Their business acumen and many charitable endeavors have earned them the respect of not only their peers but many of the people in the community. Trustee Longobardi said he and Mayor Tom Tweedy will have the honor of celebrating with them at the Nassau County Council of Chambers of Commerce Annual Business Leaders Recognition Event being held on Friday, Oct. 7 at the Crest Hollow Country Club.  

Floral Park Public Library

Trustee Fitzgerald reported that the library recently launched a new and improved home page, which can be seen at The page contains quick links to some of their popular resources all on one page along with a news window where residents can easily find a full listing of the upcoming events at the library. Trustee Fitzgerald encourages all residents to take a few minutes to view the new site to see what the library has to offer.

Additionally, now that schools are back in full swing, Trustee Fitzgerald would like to remind all students and parents that the library has tremendous resources for students of all ages in assisting them in their studies. Two of the most useful tools that can be found on the library’s website are which provides live homework help and Learning Express which offers practice tests, career enhancement courses, etc. from elementary school through adult continuing education.  

Mayor’s Report

Mayor Tweedy thanked the ladies from Village Hall Administrative staff for volunteering their time to prepare and host the reception for residents and visitors after the dedication ceremony on Saturday, Oct.1. The day was beautiful and he thanked Susan Walsh for attending to the multitude of details that made for the moving and dignified dedication ceremony we experienced. Mayor Tweedy invited all to visit this unique and appropriate monument.  

On motion by Trustee Rhatigan, seconded by Trustee Fitzgerald, and carried unanimously, Mayor Tweedy recessed the meeting at 8:45 p.m.

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