Village Notes: September 15, 2011


A regular meeting of the board of trustees was held on Sept. 6 at 8 p.m.        

Building Department

Trustee Rhatigan reported that there was no slow down in activity for filing building permits at the Building Department during the month of August; they received 17 new building applications.  

The Zoning Board of Appeals met on Wednesday, Sept. 14 at which four cases were heard. There is a backlog of cases due to the summer recess. The ZBA is currently accepting applications for the November calendar as the October calendar is already full.  

Fire Department

Trustee Tomecki reported that the Floral Park Fire Department responded to a fire at 4 and 6 Tulip Avenue on Saturday, Sept. 3. The fire appeared to be electrical in nature, due to recording equipment that was stored in the rear of the building and caught fire. The volume of the fire was significant and mutual aid was called. Responding departments were Stewart Manor, New Hyde Park, Elmont, Floral Park Center, Bellerose Terrace, Garden City and Garden City Park. Units from the New York City Fire Department also responded and assisted in putting out the fire. Trustee Tomecki commended the Floral Park Fire Department and all the other fire departments who responded. It was an impressive sight to watch the coordination and expertise of all the fire departments. None of the nearby structures were at risk.       

Department of Public Works

Trustee Longobardi reported that the Department of Public Works has  been focusing almost solely on the clean-up efforts needed after Tropical Storm Irene. Two weeks ago, all departments in the village began planning for Hurricane Irene, which thankfully wound up as Tropical Storm  Irene. Trustee Longobardi thanked Superintendent of Public Works Steve  Siwinski and General Supervisor Richie Albertson, the supervisors and all  DPW crews for clearing the fallen large trees, clearing the streets of tree limbs, twigs and debris and clearing storm drains and basins in preparation for future rain storms. DPW will continue to clean the streets and remove any remnants of the storm. Unfortunately, the village lost 27 major and 13 minor trees. In the next few weeks, DPW will begin assessing all village trees for damage and soundness and list those trees deemed necessary for removal for safety reasons. During the aftermath of the storm, DPW did not miss any scheduled garbage or recycling pickups. Trustee Longobardi thanked all the departments within the village, including the Police Department, Fire Department, Recreation Department and Administration for all their cooperative efforts. Trustee Longobardi also thanked all the residents for their neighborly support and for pitching in to make the storm’s damage as minimal an inconvenience as possible.   

Covert Avenue Chamber of Commerce Street Fair

Trustee Longobardi reported that the annual Covert Avenue Chamber of Commerce Street Fair will be held on Saturday, Sept. 17, 2011. Working with our friends from the Village of Stewart Manor, final plans are under way to make this year’s fair a great event for all who attend. Information about the activities of the day can be found in any of the stores located on Covert Avenue as well as the chamber’s website There are still spaces available if local merchants wish to participate in the fair. Trustee Longobardi urged everyone to come down and spend time getting to know local merchants and enjoy the day.  

Four Village Studio

Trustee Fitzgerald thanked James Green and Veronica Venturi from Four Village Studio for ensuring that prior to and during the tropical storm the station was continuously updating hurricane preparation information along with information on what to do and not to do after the storm had passed. We are thankful to have such a dedicated staff at 4VS who are willing to stay at the station’s controls regardless of the time of day. Trustee Fitzgerald reminded residents that during events such as hurricanes, in addition to watching local news and monitoring radio reports, they should also check 4VS for updates on what is occurring in Floral Park as it relates to such an event.  

Floral Park Public Library

Trustee Fitzgerald reported that the summer reading clubs concluded yet another successful year. The programs had an enrollment of over 500 children plus 60 teenagers. Together they read more than 2,700 books. In addition, the 22 children and 12 young adult programs had almost 1,000 children in attendance. Trustee Fitzgerald extended a special thank you to the Friends of the Floral Park Public Library for again sponsoring the programs, the end of the summer party and the raffle prizes, which were a portable DVD player and a color Nook.    

Trustee Fitzgerald reported that now summer is over, the library has resumed its normal hours of operation during the weekends, Saturdays, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sundays from 1 to 5 p.m.               

Mayor’s Report

Mayor Tweedy reported that Tropical Storm Irene apparently only grazed Floral Park judging, from our fellow New Yorkers to the north. Irene did not pass Floral Park without any impact – many people were without power for several hours, and, in some cases, several days. Trees were felled, roads were blocked, families had to be relocated, so clearly Irene was not without her impact. However, we need to look at what worked.

For most of us, LIPA maintained service to its customers in Floral Park. The Water Authority of Western Nassau maintained uninterrupted water service and was on call throughout the storm. But our village is what made the greatest difference. Mayor Tweedy cannot begin to express his admiration for our DPW crews and police officers’ professional response throughout the storm.  At all times their concern was for our safety and care.  Mayor Tweedy witnessed acts of concern and compassion for several days following Irene as trees were lifted off houses, streets were cleared and commerce returned to normal. Our DPW crews and police officers once again earned our deep gratitude. Our greatest volunteers, the members of the Fire Department, were present at all the firehouses throughout the village for the duration of the storm, and, as always, we offer them our thanks. Many volunteers manned our emergency operations and even a shelter was quickly organized in the event catastrophic impacts were experienced. Heading up our Emergency Management Team was former Mayor Kevin Greene. Kevin, an experienced emergency manager for Con Edison, brought calm and cohesion to the village and Mayor Tweedy expressed his heartfelt gratitude to him. One thing is abundantly clear; living in a full-service village is a great benefit. Our clean-up far exceeded those of our neighbors as each department from Administration to Police, Fire, Recreation and Public Works addressed the tasks and excelled. Our response to the storm and subsequent clean-up was safe, organized, deliberate and expeditiously completed. Finally, Mayor Tweedy said he is always impressed by his fellow Floral Park neighbors. Witnessing neighbor reaching out to neighbor, clearing roadways and generally accepting the stresses associated with this storm with reasoned response and understanding was heartwarming.

Mayor Tweedy reported that the summer season is now over as we close the pool until next year, signified by the seniors’ pool luncheon. Because of inclement weather, the luncheon was held in the Recreation Center’s Tulip/Rose Rooms rather than out on the terrace. However, it was well-attended by over 110 seniors who enjoyed dancing, bingo and other activities.  

Mayor Tweedy read aloud a letter that was received by our Village Clerk, Susan Walsh, from the cast and crew of the television show The Good Wife. They were granted permission to film an episode of their show on Covert Avenue by Matty’s Toy Stop on Aug. 30:  

Dear Susan:

On behalf of the cast and crew of The Good Wife, we would like to thank you for allowing us to film in the Village of Floral Park. We really can’t say thank you enough times for all the assistance throughout our pre/wrap and filming day.  We have gotten the chance to look at the footage and the town looks great! Please pass our thanks along to everyone who made this happen, especially Mayor Tweedy, Commissioner McAllister, Officer Fennessy and Officer Kratochvil. They were great throughout the whole process. It’s always a pleasure working with a location that is so welcoming and cooperative.

Please be sure to tune in Sunday nights at 9 p.m. for The Good Wife on CBS. The episode that was just filmed at your location is tentatively scheduled to air on Sunday, October 16, 2011 at 9 p.m. 
Thanks again.

Lynn Powers   
Location Manager
Rocco Nisivoccia, Jr.
Assistant Location Manager

Mayor Tweedy said he met with the production people who were an excellent group to work with. Mayor Tweedy thanked Village Clerk Susan Walsh and Village Administrator Patrick Farrell for expediting the film shoot and for ensuring that it had only minor impact upon the village.  

On motion by Trustee Fitzgerald, seconded by Trustee Rhatigan, and  carried unanimously, Mayor Tweedy recessed the meeting at 8:45 p.m.

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