Peer Mediators Visit Centennial Gardens


On the first Wednesday in June, the Stewart Manor School Peer Mediators visited the Floral Park Centennial Gardens to perform their final community service before embarking on to high school. Each October the Centennial Gardens holds the “Make a Difference” celebration, which recognizes neighbors “doing good” in their community. This concept of “doing good” for others is the basis of the Peer Mediation program at the Stewart Manor School. These select students expanded their services from assisting their peers at the school level to community wide service. During their visit to the gardens the students planted a beautiful peony bush next to the Hance family wishing well and colorful flowers along the “Garden of Remembrance”. These areas were selected for planting because of their meaningful connection to the community. Our hope is that these experiences will inspire students to continue their work in making a difference in the lives of others.


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