Letter: Resident: Village Government Should Show a Little Compassion


I read with concern a report in Our Lady of Victory Parish Bulletin that the Village of Floral Park has cited the parish for being in violation of the village’s laws for using the front vestibule of the church during the recent funeral Mass of a young parishioner tragically killed. I am trying to understand what this is all about.

The construction project at the Church has been proceeding in an orderly and safe manner. Our Holy Week, Easter celebration and the celebrations of First Holy Communion used the front entrance without a hitch and such use was approved by the village. Safety precautions were in place. Everyone appreciated the celebrations.

As far as I can see, nothing at the site had really changed since the Easter events. So, why is it now necessary to come down on the parish for using the vestibule for a funeral, which meant so much to our community? I think that village government should show a little compassion to the family, which lost a child and to a parish community, which came together to share in the grief.

I think that the purpose of local government is to serve the community. I encourage our elected officials to work more cooperatively with the religious institutions in our village.

Nancy Massaro

Floral Park

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