Letter to Editor: Let’s Take Back Our Front Lawns


Is anyone else fed up with garbage pickers, or am I the only one? This has become more of a problem in recent years, and I believe that this needs to be spoken about. After finally getting angry enough with this, I decided to check village code to see if what they were doing was legal. After a quick search of village code, I found Chapter 72 Article 2.

It shall be unlawful for any person to take, remove, collect or in any manner interfere with or disturb any papers, rubbish, garbage, refuse, ashes, recyclables or other waste matter deposited outside of any dwelling, business place or other premises in the Village of Floral Park, which has been set out for the purpose of having the same collected by the authorized agents or employees of the village. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the board of trustees may grant permission to religious, charitable or nonprofit organizations for a special collection of newspapers.

Why are the Floral Park Police not enforcing this already? The night before the recycling and bulk goes out; there are vans, cars, and bikes of scavengers going around our great town full of individuals digging through our garbage. Let’s take back our front lawns and allow for the proper authorities to do their jobs and collect our waste.

Donald Mack
Floral Park

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