Village Board Notes – April 15, 2011


A regular meeting of the Floral Park Board of Trustees was held on April 5, at 8 p.m. The meeting opened with a pledge to the flag. Present were Mayor Thomas J. Tweedy, Trustees James E. Rhatigan, Mary-Grace Tomecki, Dominick A. Longobardi, Kevin M. Fitzgerald, Village Administrator Patrick E. Farrell, Village Clerk Susan E. Walsh, Superintendent of Building Department and Superintendent of Public Works Stephen L. Siwinski and Police Lieutenant Michael Suppe.


Mayor’s Report

Mayor Tweedy said that last night at our Reorganization Night that he and Trustees Tomecki and Longobardi reaffirmed their commitment to the residents of Floral Park as they each were sworn into office; Mary-Grace for the third time and Dominick for the second. Kevin Fitzgerald took the oath of office as trustee for the first time having been appointed to complete Mayor Tweedy’s unexpired term. Kevin has already demonstrated an extraordinary level of commitment to the village and will surely prove an asset to his neighbors and village board as trustee. Additionally, on Reorganization Night, scores of neighbors and friends voluntarily accepted positions on many committees without which the village would quickly come to a halt. Mayor Tweedy thanked each of them for their time, their talents and their commitment on behalf of our village and our future. Reorganization Night is truly a time when we see that Floral Park is not simply a spot on a map, but more fundamentally, it is found in that special spirit, that pride we take in what we have made, in that special place we call home. Mayor Tweedy looks forward to serving you and working with Trustees James Rhatigan, Mary-Grace Tomecki, Dominick Longobardi and Kevin Fitzgerald.

Boy Scout Troop 678 of Floral Park attended the board meeting in an effort to earn their citizenship badge. Mayor Tweedy addressed the Scouts and explained to them how the village board members serve the residents of Floral Park and what departments the village is comprised of: in particular, the police department, the volunteer fire department, the library, the Recreation/Pool Center, the Building and Public Works Departments, the village justice and court and administrative offices. Mayor Tweedy stated that he and all personnel of these departments are always available to answer your questions and assist you to the best of their ability.

On a motion by Trustee Rhatigan, seconded by Trustee Tomecki and carried unanimously, Mayor Tweedy recessed the meeting at 8:40 p.m.

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