Around the Town – March 4, 2011


E-Cycling, Pharmaceutical Disposal

And Shredding ProgramKeeping our planet healthy takes a joint effort. That’s why I am proud to announce that the Town of Hempstead will hold an “E-Cycling, Pharmaceutical Disposal and Shredding” Day on Sunday, March 13 in Levittown from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., rain or shine. This is your chance to get rid of your unwanted computers, televisions, DVD players and VCRs and help the environment at the same time. In addition, bring your outdated pharmaceuticals to the program for proper disposal and you can also bring old documents to be shredded while you watch. The event will take place in the Town of Hempstead municipal parking lot area, located just off Division Avenue behind the Tri-County Market (Hempstead Turnpike) in Levittown.

The town’s first-ever e-cycle event, held in October 2005, was a resounding success as more than 900 residents dropped off a total of 39 tons of used computers and computer components at the town’s Greenfield Cemetery garage in Uniondale.

By participating in this event, you’ll be keeping toxic material such as lead, mercury and arsenic from entering the waste stream. Specifically, the glass screens in computer monitors and televisions can contain as much as 27 percent lead. In addition, electronics contain valuable resources. Electronic products are made of precious metals, engineered plastics, glass and other materials. Many of the parts can be profitably refurbished and reused.

For more information on e-cycling, residents should call the Town of Hempstead Department of Sanitation at 378-2200. Directions to the town’s Division Avenue parking lot are as follows: From Wantagh Parkway – take exit W3 east, proceed on Hempstead Turnpike for a quarter of a mile and make a left onto Division Avenue. Make a right into the parking lot and follow signs for the e-cycling event.

Another e-cycling event is scheduled for Sunday, March 13 at Oceanside Transfer Station on Long Beach Road from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. The town’s e-cycling program is open to Town of Hempstead residents only (no business, non-commercial vehicles only). Two additional events have been added to the schedule this year on Saturday, Aug. 13 at Levittown Town Parking Field L2, just off Division Avenue, and on Saturday, Oct.15 at Town Park Point Lookout on Lido Boulevard.

If you have any old computers or televisions that you want to dispose of, I urge you to participate in our e-cycling program. Let’s work together to help save our planet.


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