From the Desk of Senator Craig Johnson – December 24, 2010


A Statement from Senator Craig Johnson

“I congratulate Senator elect-Martins on his victory and wish him the best as the next representative of the 7th State Senate District.

“I am truly thankful to those who supported me throughout my 10 years of public service in Nassau County and Albany, during this hard fought campaign, and during this lengthy —but vitally important — recount process.

“We fought to make sure every vote counted and to ensure all votes in all future elections across this state are counted. This was an especially important task with new voting technology that has shown to be prone to deficiencies and inaccuracies.

“I sought a hand recount not only to verify this election, but also to establish a precedent for all future close elections. I thank the courts for their due consideration, but still believe that firm guidelines for such recounts are needed to uphold the democratic ideals that this government was founded upon.

“I thank Chairman Jacobs, Common Cause, and the New York State Green Party for joining me in this incredibly important effort.

Throughout my tenure in state government, I strived to do what was right for the residents that I represent, as well as what was responsible for all of New York.

“While I regret not taking part in this next Senate session, I wish our new governor and his partners in the Legislature, including Jack Martins, the wisdom and judgment to directly address the many challenges facing this state.

“My love of public service has not waned. While I look forward to dedicating more time to my two most important positions — that of husband and father — I will also be considering how to best continue to serve the communities I cherish.”


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