Village Board Notes – December 17, 2010


A regular meeting of the board of trustees was held on Dec. 7, at 8:15 p.m.

Mayor Greene asked for a moment of silence in  remembrance of all the service men and women who gave their lives at Pearl Harbor 69 years ago.

Prior to the start of the board meeting, Mayor Greene stated that throughout our nation’s history, thousands of law enforcement heroes have made the ultimate sacrifice for the safety and protection of others, their memories forever honored. But law enforcement has many other heroes as well – officers who distinguish themselves each and every day through exemplary service and devotion to duty. To recognize the individuals of this profession, Floral Park Police Commissioner Stephen McAllister along with police department senior management created the “Cop of the Month” program that was unanimously supported by the village board. This village is fortunate in having such loyal and dedicated employees who provide a valuable service to our village residents and business districts. Floral Park is proud of this tradition of public service and the competent, committed and dedicated employees who provide these services. Each month the police department management team will identify and honor a deserving officer who has gone above and beyond the call of duty. The program hopes to encourage quality performance, teamwork, customer service and a high level of dedication.

Mayor Greene recognized the efforts of both Police Officer Stephan Drenckhahn and Police Officer Robert Hayes. This dynamic duo made six arrests during the month of October highlighted by the arrests of a graffiti vandal on Oct. 19 at the Creedmoor Spur parking lot previously reported in the Gateway, and also the arrest of a man on Oct. 25 for criminal impersonation of a public servant. Just after midnight, while on patrol near Jericho Turnpike, the aforementioned individual was operating a 2006 Crown Victoria in the wrong direction on Jericho Turnpike near the intersection of Tulip Avenue. This vehicle had tinted windows, unauthorized white strobe lights and siren system installed which is commonly used as a police vehicle by many agencies throughout New York State. The perpetrator had in his possession a bogus New York State Emergency Medical Services shield and a gravity knife and had been previously arrested on like charges in New York City.

Through the diligent actions of both Officers Hayes and Drenckhahn, a potential predator was removed from our streets before he could perpetrate any further crimes upon our village. These two police officers are part of a dedicated midnight team who work diligently in protecting our village while we sleep comfortably in our beds.


Building Department

Trustee Tweedy reported that the Building Department is currently conducting the annual multiple residence inspections.

This year Tulip Avenue is the targeted area for fire inspections. All other commercial areas are being inspected by the fire department.

New York State now requires public assembly occupancies file an operating permit with their local municipality. The Building Department is in the process of developing an application that will be sent out shortly.

The owners of the former Sizzler property were issued a demolition permit to demolish the interior of the building. There has been no other permit activity for the property.

A new house is under construction on Floral Boulevard.


Department of Public Works

Trustee Tweedy reported that the village was hit by a major rainstorm on Wednesday, Dec. 1. Heavy winds and torrential rain kept DPW crews busy cleaning drainage grates and storm sewer openings allowing water to drain quickly. Holiday decorations fared well with only minor wind damage to some decorations on Jericho Turnpike. A large area of the North End experienced a blackout. Police established routes for vehicular traffic. Barricades were placed preventing cross traffic or turning traffic at uncontrolled intersections. Trustee Tweedy thanked everyone involved for preserving the safety and security of our residents.

The village sidewalk program has been completed for this year. One of the two handicap ramps installed at Floral Parkway and Memorial Park had to be removed and reinstalled. The Landau Avenue restoration project continues at a brisk pace with the hope that Valente Contracting will complete sidewalks, aprons and utility lawn restoration before the really cold weather sets in. The quality of work, the finishes and cleanliness has been good. Trustee Tweedy said he looks forward to the spring day when we can enjoy a restored Landau Avenue with excellent drainage and road surfaces.

The management of the composting project at Centennial Gardens is now being overseen by the Parks Department as leaf pick up is nearly complete.

Trustee Tweedy thanked all of the DPW “elves” and the Junior Woman’s Club who did such a wonderful job preparing and hosting the annual Memorial Park tree lighting ceremony that was held on Friday, Dec. 3. The event went off without a hitch as scores of children leaped upon the stage to hit the plunger signaling the start of the joyous holiday season. Trustee Tweedy also thanked Our Lady of Victory for supplying hot chocolate at the school after the festivities.

Dec. 7 marks the 69th anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. A boy of 18 serving in the Navy that December morning would be 87 years old today. Please remember the victims of that day. Over 2,400 brave men and women gave their lives that perfect December morning. Let us, together with all those who survived that day, commemorate and honor the sacrifices of those 2,400. The freedoms we enjoy this day are too often earned on battlefields with the blood of American men and women defending those freedoms. Let us never forget.

Trustee Tweedy wished everyone a Happy Hanukkah on the seventh night of the festival of light, a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year to all the good boys and girls of Floral Park.


Trustee Mary-Grace Tomeck

Trustee Tomecki said that she had the privilege to attend the annual volunteer holiday party held on Thursday, Dec. 2 at the Village Hall Auditorium. The spirit of volunteerism thrives in the Village of Floral Park and continues to make our village a great place to live. So many residents on a daily basis donate their time, talent and insight in a wide gamut of ways. Trustee Tomecki said since becoming village trustee she has had the great pleasure of serving with members of the Noise Abatement Committee, Citizens with Disabilities Committee, Recreation Committee, Pool Committee and the Llibrary Board. Floral Park would not be what it is today without the commitment of our volunteers to our community.


Trustee Dominick Longobardi

On behalf of his family, Trustee Longobardi wished everyone a very happy holiday season and a happy and healthy New Year.


Mayor’s Report

Mayor Greene thanked the Jr. Woman’s Club and village employees for organizing the annual Holiday Tree Lighting Ceremony in Memorial Park. It was a wonderful evening enjoyed by many of our residents.

Mayor Greene said it was an honor to attend the annual Holiday Volunteer Party at which we recognize all the volunteers who donate their time and talent to our village. Approximately 150 volunteers attended this year’s party, which is only a fraction of the people who volunteer throughout the village, whether it is for Little League, youth organizations, churches or individual fundraisers.

Mayor Greene thanked the employees of the village for their dedication and commitment to the residents of Floral Park and wished everyone a Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

At her last village board meeting, Mayor Greene and the board of trustees congratulated Village Clerk Yvonne Blaber on her retirement from the village after 15 years of dedicated service to our residents. Along with Yvonne, also retiring at the end of the year are Janet Kloepfer of Purchasing, Tree Supervisor John Lutter, Maintenance Supervisor Al Trasolini, Gerry McDonald of DPW and soon-to-be-retired dedicated Village Administrator Virginia Appel. Mayor Greene thanked each one of them for the wonderful job they have done over the years and wished them health and happiness in their retirement.

On motion by Trustee Rhatigan, seconded by Trustee Longobardi, and carried unanimously, Mayor Greene recessed the meeting at 8:45 p.m.


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