Letter: A Message to the Residents of Floral Park


As you may already know, Mayor Kevin Greene has announced to our board that he has decided not to seek a second term as mayor of Floral Park, and he has withdrawn his name from the Citizens’ Party mayoral nomination. Because of tremendous personal and job-related responsibilities, Kevin stated that he is finding it more and more difficult to accommodate the many demands on his time.

We certainly understand and respect Kevin’s courageous decision. Kevin has been an exemplar for dedicated community service. We gratefully appreciate his remarkable 30-plus years of service to our village, his dedication as a first responder with our fire department, his coaching of our youth sports activities, and his 17 years of service on the village board, to name but a few of his activities which have benefited our residents.

Thank you, Kevin, and may God bless you and your family with much happiness!

John Lockwood, Chairman

Citizens’ Party of Floral Park


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