Around the Town – October 15, 2010


Fall Cleanup

As we look around us we see the leaves start to change color and notice the temperature getting cooler. It is the time of year for residents to get ready to tackle the annual chore of autumn yard clean up.

It is important as residents clear their yard that leaves and clippings are disposed of properly. Leaves should not be burned. All raked leaves should be sealed in bags and placed at the curb for collection on Wednesday, which is the day designated for the collection of compost in Hempstead Town. Composting items are limited to 20 bags of grass or 30 bags of leaves per week. Tree stumps, logs and branches are to be tied together in a bundle and many not weigh more than 75 pounds. If you have further questions regarding limits, please call the Town of Hempstead Sanitation Department at (516) 378-8484 or the sanitation department in your area for more information.

To ensure that town roads are kept clear, sweeping or blowing leaves into the street is prohibited. Sweeping leaves into the street poses danger to those who navigate town roadways. Leaves also have the potential of becoming wet and creating slick driving conditions for motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians. Wet leaves can create conditions similar to ice.

Another hazard created by leaves in the street is the potential for car fires. As dangerous as wet leaves can be, dry leaves can be equally hazardous. It is not unusual for leaves to be ignited by catalytic converters, which are located beneath the chassis of most cars. Other automobile components that become hot during vehicle operation can also ignite leaves. These leaves can catch fire quickly and the fire can spread to nearby automobiles.

Making a concerted effort to keep Hempstead’s roadways clear benefits the entire township. Town sanitation and highway crews do a commendable job, but to accomplish the task of maintaining the more than 1,200 miles of town roadways, the cooperation of all residents is needed. Let’s all be sure to keep our neighborhoods safe and beautiful this fall season. If everyone pitches in and follows a few simple suggestions regarding the disposal of fallen leaves, everyone will benefit. I hope you enjoy this beautiful fall season here in America’s largest township.


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