Town of Hempstead Holds Police Service Awards


PBA President Honored for Protecting Camp ANCHOR Families

Town of Hempstead Supervisor Kate Murray and the Hempstead board honored Garden City Police Officer Keith Wehr, who was among the six officers from surrounding villages and 10 Nassau County police offices at a ceremony on Tuesday, Sept. 21 at the Nathan L.H. Bennett Pavilion at the Town Hall in Hempstead. Also honored at the ceremony was Nassau County PBA President James Carver.

“From solving murders and extensive undercover work to patrolling our streets, our police honorees have distinguished themselves as local heroes,” said Murray. “The town is proud to have the opportunity to recognize those who serve and protect our residents.”

Garden City Police Officer Keith Wehr was selected as a local hero for his response during a burglary in progress at Adelphi University this past December. Upon Wehr’s arrival, an Adelphi security officer advised him of an apparent break in at the University Center. Wehr entered the building and observed a suspect stealing clothing from the campus bookstore. The suspect attempted to flee the scene. Wehr set up a building perimeter and began a room-by-room search for the suspect, locating him and placing him under arrest.

In May 2010, Wehr’s investigative skills helped solve over 50 open larceny cases, two stolen vehicle cases and myriad other unsolved crimes in Garden City.  

The officers were all honored with certificates and a town hero medal. Their selfless service to the Town and its residents takes precedence to their own lives while pursuing criminals and maintaining order throughout the county.

“Tonight’s award ceremony gives recognition to the police officers that patrol our community everyday,” said Councilman Gary Hudes. “The stories we heard tonight, remind us of how brave these officers are, as they are faced with guns, knives and unknown danger during the course of their daily service.”

President of the Police Benevolent Association of Nassau County Jim Carver was also among those honored. Carver earned the Town’s honor of local hero for his compassionate protection of the participants at Camp ANCHOR as a result of the tragic car accident that killed three of its counselors this past summer. On the day of the accident, Carver along with members of the PBA came to the defense of the staff and campers while the media attempted to obtain reaction to the news of the devastating accident. Due to his efforts, campers and staff were allowed to console and mourn their loss without external interference. As a result of the tragedy, the PBA Summer Carnival was postponed for the ANCHOR campers. Carver ensured that the carnival was rescheduled, both to console the campers and pay tribute to the counselors.

“I would like to thank the men and women in police service in Hempstead Town,” said Murray. “These enforcement professionals make significant sacrifices every day to maintain our superlative quality of life and ensure the safety of all residents.”


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