Around the Town – September 3, 2010


Anniversary of September 11

In the wake of the saddest moment in our nation’s history, members of Long Island’s family came to the beach at Point Lookout and gazed to the west in shock and disbelief. The weeks following the attacks of September 11th witnessed neighbors returning to the waters of the Atlantic in deep reflection. The soothing waves cresting the shore, the infinite horizon of the ocean and the warm sparkling sands has drawn so many of us back on an annual pilgrimage to this location on the anniversary of 9-11.

We invite you to join with members of Hempstead Town’s family for our annual memorial program on the beach on Saturday, September 11 at 7:30 a.m. The gathering of a community of people who care deeply and have been profoundly affected by the terrorist attacks offers an opportunity to pay homage to the heroes of 9-11. And, while our hearts have been broken, we will again join in a united way to celebrate the lives of the victims and embrace the legacy of strength and hope that they have passed on to us.

Indeed, the mighty Atlantic serves as a fitting symbol of the strength of those taken from us at the World Trade Center. And, the hope and promise of future generations is alive in the faces of family members and friends of the victims who take part in this powerful memorial program year after year.

Please consider joining the Hempstead Town Board, Reverend Clergy, families of beloved victims and fellow Americans on the morning of September 11th at Town Park Point Lookout. Together we will share a unique and uplifting experience that offers the opportunity to celebrate the lives of the September 11th victims and to keep their legacy of strength and hope vibrant and alive.


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