Letter: A Message From SCHSD Superintendent Warren Meierdiercks


On Tuesday, Sept. 7, the Sewanhaka Central High School District will open its doors to approximately 8,500 students. This marks the 82nd opening of school in the district, which has received national recognition for the quality of its educational programs.

The district is proud to report that 97 percent of the Class of 2010 received their diplomas in commencement ceremonies at Hofstra University last June. 93 percent of our seniors earned Regents diplomas, while 56 percent merited Advanced Regents diplomas. Furthermore, 96 percent of our graduates are pursuing their education at colleges and universities.

As you know, New York State has changed both the content and cut scores on its exams in English and math for students in grades 7 and 8. As a result, we all must dedicate ourselves to meeting the new challenges posed by these changes.

This summer our administrators, directors, curriculum coordinators, chairpersons and teachers have been engaged in activities designed to enhance the education we provide to our students.

Curriculum guides for various courses in a number of subject areas have been updated. In addition, many of our educators have participated in conferences and taken graduate courses to broaden their understanding of issues relevant to their effectiveness as teachers.

The District also sponsored a Summer Instructional Institute, attended by over 100 faculty members, representing all five schools in the district. Our administration and faculty is committed to its own professional growth, as well as the educational growth of our students.

In this district, every day is an open school day. We want our communities to join with us in making education our greatest priority. Together we can accomplish great things.

Warren A. Meierdiercks


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