Letter: 3-on-3 Tourney Chairman Offers a Word of Thanks


Recently, hundreds of people locally went to Madison Square Garden to watch the WNBA’s Liberty take on the San Antonio Silver Stars. The game was truly terrific and everybody had a great time. The circumstances revolving around this game, however, are much more important.

The hundreds who drove and took the train to “The Garden” were winners, runners up, event participants and good sports in many of the divisions from the 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament recently held at Dutch Broadway School. The New York Knicks and Liberty sponsored the evening for the players and guests. I can tell you right now the Knicks and Liberty are true unsung heroes of the evening.

As everybody sat courtside or in the arena, you couldn’t help but think to yourself what an amazing evening for all our communities to come together once again and have fun. From Elmont and Floral Park to Franklin Square, North Valley Stream, West Hempstead and communities in between, young and old came together to watch a game, visit and enjoy the summer. In fact, one of our own referees, Franklin Thomas, was chosen to compete in a game in between quarters and won his contest on half court. Scores of players were featured on the Jumbo-tron cheering during the games and were featured during the quarters!

But that wasn’t all, the Knicks and Liberty went a step further and invited the volunteers and players to take a photo on the court before the game and after the game with an official game photographer. How’s that for first class treatment of our communities?

From the beginning, the 3-on-3 committee strove to make this year’s tournament a community building, educational and neighborhood spirited event that was second to none. By the looks of Madison Square Garden on that night, we achieved our goal. Congratulations to all and thank you to the Knicks, Liberty and all our communities for taking part in a positive experience for all of our young people. And, last but not least, thank you to all the sponsors, colleges and community spirited people who worked so hard to make the 3-on-3 so special for everyone.

Scott Cushing,

Chairman 3-on-3 Committee

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