Village Board Notes – June 25, 2010

Covert Avenue Chamber of Commerce

Trustee Longobardi reported that on Saturday, June 12, the mayor and board of trustees and the Covert Avenue and Floral Park Chambers of Commerce welcomed Original V.I. Pizza, located at 58 Covert Avenue to the Village of Floral Park.

The annual Covert Avenue Street Fair is tentatively scheduled to take place on Saturday, Oct. 16, (rain date Saturday, Oct. 23). The Covert Avenue Chamber of Commerce officers will be meeting with the Villages of Floral Park and Stewart Manor to coordinate the event.


Floral Park Public Library

Trustee Longobardi said Terry Meegan and The Friends of the Floral Park Library held their annual book sale the weekend of June 5 and 6 at Centennial Hall and he thanked them for their dedication and hard work. The Friends provide many opportunities at the library that would otherwise be unavailable due to constraints on village resources. Trustee Longobardi thanked Superintendent of Public Works Steve Siwinski and General Supervisor Richie Albertson and the entire staff for their time and effort in preparing Centennal Hall for the book sale.

As in past summers, many books that appear on our schools’ summer reading lists will be available to students visiting the Floral Park pool. While children relax in the sun by the beautiful pool, they can enjoy reading a book.


Four Village Studio

Trustee Longobardi reported that Four Village Studio taped programs in conjunction with the Substance Prevention Education Council. These programs, featuring Mayor Greene, representatives of the Nassau County District Attorney’s Office, Floral Park Memorial High School students and parents, will be aired in an effort to educate our residents on the dangers of substance abuse and where information and assistance may be available to them. The programs include information to help prevent these abuses as well as resources on many topics such as treatment resources and options and social host laws.


Floral Park Art League and Cultural Affairs Committee

Trustee Longobardi said the Floral Park Art League hosted its annual Spring Art Show on June 5 and 6 at Memorial Park. Beautiful works of art from very creative and talented local artists were displayed throughout the park for our residents to view and purchase. Trustee Longobardi thanked Robert Rouge and his committee for their hard work, as well as our Public Works Department for providing a great venue to show these fantastic works of art.


Flag Retirement Ceremony

Trustee Tomecki reported that the American flag serves as the unifying symbol of the principles and ideals that signify the United States of America. Embodied in its 50 stars and 13 stripes is the people’s ongoing quest for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. By the liberties preserved under the auspices of the flag, all Americans have the right to live with the freedom to pursue happiness in a manner that ensures the evolution of the greater good and, in the process, the preservation of American democracy. U.S. soldiers and citizens have perished for the purpose of the advancement of the flag and the ideals it serves to encompass. Oppressed people around the world have drawn strength and inspiration from this same flag, this Grand Old Flag, as part of their own quest for independence from dictatorship and tyranny. Hence, it is only fitting then that when the American flag, having flown in honor of this great nation, becomes worn from repeated exposure to the elements, receives a fitting disposal with ceremony and circumstance. And, each year, our own American Legion Post 334 ensures that the dignity of the American flag is upheld in a Flag Retirement Ceremony, which once again, Trustee Tomecki had the humble privilege of attending on Flag Day, June 14.

The honorable disposal of hundreds of American flags dropped off at the Legion over the past year began with a service made possible by the Legionnaires who are veterans of past wars; wars that have ensured that the Stars and Stripes still flies today and moreover, that its freedoms are safeguarded. It culminated with the flags being set afire in a powerful but contained blaze in the Department of Public Works’ parking lot, which was carefully watched over by volunteer members of the Floral Park Fire Department. As onlookers like myself viewed the weather-worn flags silently smoldering, it was impossible not to turn one’s gaze to the American flag flying proudly over our own Recreation Center, gently waving in the warm evening breeze and courageously watching over us and our liberties as it has done for over more than 200 years.

Trustee Tomecki acknowledged and thanked the American Legion Post 334 for making certain that the American flag year after year receives an honorable retirement in the Village of Floral Park.


Building Department

Trustee Tweedy reported that the Building Department issued seven building permits, two amended permits, six plumbing permits, 14 electrical permits, 10 fence permits and eight miscellaneous permits. The Architectural Review Board heard four new cases and two sign applications in May. The Zoning Board of Appeals heard five cases in April.

Swimming pool renewals are being received at a slower pace this year. There are 108 swimming pools that the Building Department inspects each year. The department has only received 31 applications and 15 pools have been inspected. In light of the tragedy that occurred in Roslyn Heights recently, Trustee Tweedy urged residents to renew their pool application and have the Building Department inspect their pool enclosure.


Department of Public Works

Trustee Tweedy commended Department of Public Works employees for the preparation and clean up after the Floral Park Chamber of Commerce Street Fair on June 4. The weather cooperated, the turnout was incredible and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. The following morning Tulip Avenue looked as it always does, clean and orderly, and no one would have known that only a few hours earlier hundreds of residents, friends and merchants occupied the street.

In addition to its constant road maintenance, DPW has re-lined the pool parking lot spaces and repainted curbs with yellow paint indicating the No Parking Zones. The stop lines, crosswalks and lane dividers, especially near the Recreation Center, are getting repainted in preparation for the summer programs.

The FAA noise monitor is currently operational. Verizon has completed its installation and the monitor is up and running and providing data to the Port Authority.

Trustee Tweedy commended Sanitation Supervisor Kevin Ginnane for his initiative in reducing costs related to tipping (garbage) fees. In addition to his initial success in enlisting the high school and two public grammar schools into a bolder recycling effort, DPW will now be picking up the recycling materials at the Goldstein Administration offices on Landau Avenue. Kevin identified large amounts of paper, cardboard and other recyling materials that could go into a different waste stream. He met with Sewanhaka Central High School District officials who will provide special recycling containers that will offset some of the expenses. Kevin’s initiative and follow up will surely save some tax dollars from going to the Covanta recycling facility as well as responsible responding to our unique waste problem on Long Island.

Trustee Tweedy commended all employees at the Department of Public Works for maintaining a high standard of work while the village explored the replacement for former Department of Public Works Superintendent Ken Tymecki. While it is hard to replace a man with the wealth of experience and institutional memory as Ken, our employees and especially our supervisors did not let the residents of Floral Park down. The transition seems to be moving along well. The overall administration of DPW falls under the competent professional leadership of our Superintendent of Buildings and Public Works Steve Siwinski. The management of DPW operations will fall under DPW General Supervisor Richard Albertson who will oversee the important day-to-day functions of the various departments within Public Works. The supervisors should also be commended for stepping up to the plate, completing their required tasks while monitoring their respective department budgets and taking ownership of the work under their responsibility. Trustee Tweedy said he is proud of the work done by everyone in the department over the past six months and the board is breathing a sigh of relief at this seamless transition. Please feel free to contact the Department of Public Works if you have any concerns.


Mayor’s Report

Mayor Greene reported that on June 12 he and his fellow board members and Sal Bonagura, president of the Floral Park Chamber of Commerce had the privilege of welcoming a new business to the village. Original V.I. Pizza of Bayside has joined the village business family on Covert Avenue. Mayor Greene had the opportunity to have a slice of the well-known Sicilian pizza and he can see why it is well-known. The mayor welcomes Original V.I. Pizza to our village and wishes them much success.

The village board joined the American Legion at their Flag Retirement Ceremony on June 14 in the parking lot by the Recreation Center. The United States Flag Code states: “The flag, when it is in such condition that it is no longer a fitting emblem for display, should be destroyed in a dignified way, preferably by burning.” Mayor Greene thanked the American Legion for hosting the ceremony and the residents who attended the program. Mayor Greene also thanked the Floral Park Fire Department for being on standby during the ceremony.

On June 12, Mayor Greene and the board attended the annual pool opening ceremony. The ceremony was well attended and Mayor Green thanks the Recreation and Pool staff for an outstanding job in getting the pool ready for summer.

On June 9, Mayor Greene joined the Floral Park Memorial High School Drug Free and Safe School Committee and the Nassau County District Attorney’s Office at Four Village Studio to tape a show about substance awareness and the law. Mayor Greene thanked Gina Sarro for organizing the event and acknowledged Floral Park Memorial High School Principal Kathleen Sottile and SADD representative Jill Reda for taking time out of their busy schedules to talk about such an important topic. The District Attorney’s Office was represented by Maureen McCormick and Terri Corrigan who did a very good job talking about some of the statistics and the applicable laws as it relates to substance abuse in Nassau County. As usual, the staff of Four Village Studio did a great job making everyone feel comfortable about being on television. The show is scheduled to air on Monday, July 12 and Thursday, July 15, 2010 at 8 p.m.

Mayor Greene wrote an article recently relating to prom night safety. This is the time of year when our teenagers are happy and excited because school has come to an end and a new chapter in their lives has begun. There will be many parties over the next couple of months, as our children say goodbye to friends and prepare to head off to college. Parents need to communicate to children about the dangers of underage drinking and drunk driving and that a foolish decision could forever change the final chapter of their book.

Mayor Greene will be presenting a couple of programs that the Substance Prevention Education Council has been working on to help promote substance awareness.

On motion by Trustee Rhatigan, seconded by Trustee Tweedy, and carried unanimously, Mayor Greene recessed the meeting at 9:10 p.m.

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