Around the Town: May 21, 2010


I would like to take this opportunity to inform residents of Hempstead Town’s SWIFT911 emergency notification service. The system provides a mechanism for the town to phone, e-mail or text message residents and businesses under its jurisdiction in the event of an emergency such as a severe storm evacuation. Such situations may include water main breaks, flooding, weather emergencies or natural disasters. Non-emergency contact may also be made in the event of town water department pipe flushing, which may affect water quality.

Contact information in the SWIFT911 notification database is based on published phone directories and other publicly available sources. If your telephone number is not published or if you wish to be contacted by alternate means, you can update your contact information by logging onto the town’s website at www.TOH.LI and following the “Citizens Services” link to “Emergency Services.” You may obtain a mail-in form by calling the Department of Public Safety at 538-1900.

Your information will only be used for SWIFT911 notification purposes. There are no fees for registration, and those who do not wish to participate in this service may remove their number from the database at any time.

I encourage each and every resident and business to enroll in the SWIFT911 program so that they can stay informed. In the event of an emergency, the Town of Hempstead can utilize the SWIFT911 notification system to deliver important information about the crisis and instructions for residents to follow. This tool can truly help to safeguard lives.

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