Letter: ‘Stop the Destruction’ In Centennial Gardens


Floral Park is a great place to live. According to most of us who live here, it is a small, safe community. Unfortunately, situations have occurred that are making it clear that we have to take action to stop the destruction that is going on while most of us are sleeping. Recent events in Centennial Gardens need attention. Early Sunday morning, Feb. 28, after the heavy snowstorm on Feb. 26, Centennial Gardens had numerous footprints along the bridge path, on the stones by the bridge, and across the west basin from the dead end street. The hill near Raff Avenue had no snow left from sledding, and an aluminum post was removed from the fence on the bend by Raff Avenue and Floral Parkway. One week later on Sunday morning, March 7, the doll house in the Children’s Garden was found to be broken into, windows broken, statues stored inside taken out and broken, a picnic table propped on the roof, a chair on the roof, fence spindles on the porch of the house broken, and beer cans were strewn all over the lawn. There were about 10 or more 24 can-size beer cartons all over the lower basin. It was clear that many people had been in the lower basin. There have been past incidents in the gardens that have been reported and sadly, they have escalated. Every time there is a situation, the police are informed. The problem continues.

What are we, the people of Floral Park, going to do about this horrific situation? Action is needed to stop this before it gets any worse. Who knows what the results could be if our village is left to continue in this manner.

The members of the Floral Park Conservation Society have spent hundreds of volunteer hours creating beautiful gardens. Members of the community have donated thousands of dollars to make this a place to enjoy.  We must work together to bring our community back to the safe place it has been.

Ann Gribbins


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