South Floral Park Mayor Discusses Upcoming Census Count


Village of South Floral Park Mayor Angel Soto, who also serves as 2nd vice president of the Nassau County Village Officials Association (NCVOA), recently had the opportunity to discuss the importance of the upcoming Census 2010 program and its impact on Village of South Floral Park residents. The NCVOA represents 64 incorporated villages with more than 430,000 residents.

Mayor Soto joined representatives from the U.S. Census Bureau at the NCVOA’s January General Membership meeting, who explained the census process and solicited assistance from Nassau County’s villages.

The census, which is taken every 10 years, is a count of everyone residing in the United States. Obtaining an accurate count is important because the census determines the distribution of more than $300 billion annually of government funding for critical community services as well as each state’s representation in the U.S. House of Representatives.

“Census questionnaires will be delivered or mailed to households in March and it is extremely important for all residents to complete and return this form,” said Mayor Soto. “Census workers will visit households that do not return the questionnaires. I encourage our residents to help secure the funding and representation we need and deserve by completing and returning the census questionnaire.”

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