Around the Town – January 22, 2010


India Republic Day Commemoration

The Town of Hempstead will be hosting its 7th Annual India Republic Day commemoration on Wednesday, Jan. 27.

Held in collaboration with the Indian American Forum, Hempstead Town is proud to commemorate a historic occasion that marks India’s enduring commitment to democracy and freedom, the same values that Americans hold so dear. Indian Americans are a vital part of the fabric of our nation, greatly enriching us with their gifts of art, culture, cuisine, intellect, values and abiding warmth.

India shares a common history of colonial rule with the United States of America. Drawing upon common values and traditions, both nations are dedicated to government that is elected by the people.

In 1947, India freed herself of foreign rule by gaining independence from Great Britain. Jan. 26, 1950 is the day India’s democratic republic became a reality with the adoption of a constitution that would guide her destiny. After achieving independence, the people of India looked to other democracies upon which to model their government. Our nation is honored that America’s founding fathers, John Adams, Alexander Hamilton and James Madison, had an influence on the framers of India’s constitution. The high value placed on individual freedom and unity is shared by both the United States and India.

America is the home of choice for many who emigrate from India. Hempstead Town is especially blessed with a growing number of Indian American residents. We are happy to celebrate with one of the most dramatically growing communities in the area and would like to acknowledge how much our culture has been enriched by our Indian neighbors. I salute the people of India and their democracy on this important day in India’s history.


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