Village Board Notes – January 15, 2010


The following are trustee reports from the Jan. 5 Floral Park village board meeting.

Trustee Mary-Grace Tomecki offered Resolution No. 2010-02; that pursuant to the village law, notice is hereby given that the General Village Election will be held on Tuesday, March 16 and that the polls thereof will be open at 12 p.m. and closed at 9 p.m. The polling places will be as follows:

1st District – John Lewis Childs School

2nd District – John Lewis Childs School

3rd District – John Lewis Childs School

4th District – Firehouse, Atlantic Avenue

5th District – Recreation/Pool Building

6th District – Firehouse, Holland Avenue

7th District – Parochial School, Bellmore Street

8th District – Floral Park Memorial High School

9th District – John Lewis Childs School

10th District – Firehouse, Holland Avenue

11th District – Floral Park Memorial High School

12th District – Recreation/Pool Building

The resolution was seconded by Trustee Dominick A. Longobardi and adopted on roll call by all of the trustees.


Department of Public Works

Trustee Tweedy reported that on Saturday, Dec. 19, the Department of Public Works faced its first major snowstorm of the season. At 3:30 p.m., the Department of Public Works salt/sand trucks started sanding and plowing. By the time the storm was over at 9 p.m. on Sunday, there was a total accumulation of 14 inches of snow. On Thursday morning, New Year’s Eve, a surprise snowstorm began at approximately 7 a.m., instantly freezing the roadways, causing treacherous driving conditions and many car accidents. Public Works was out immediately sanding and salting Village roadways and parking fields.

In case of another snowstorm, Public Works would like to remind residents not to throw snow into the streets. It is unsafe and causes more work, slowing down the overall snow removal process. Cold temperatures after a storm also create icy road conditions. As a rule, plowing does not start until at least three inches of snow has fallen; it is considered a snow emergency and car removal is mandatory. Residents may take the sand that is available in the parking lot on Stewart Street across from the Recreation Center near the stop sign. The best results for ice build up on sidewalks is to use an ice melter with calcium chloride or potassium chloride. Avoid rock salt or sodium chloride.

On motion by Trustee Thomas J. Tweedy, seconded by Trustee James E. Rhatigan and carried unanimously, Mayor Kevin J. Greene recessed the meeting at 8:05 p.m.

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