Village Board Notes – October 23, 2009


The following are trustee reports from the Oct. 6 Floral Park village board meeting.


Department of Public Works

Trustee Tom Tweedy reported that the sidewalks on Beech Street have been repaired, concluding the sidewalk repair program for this year. If a resident has questions about the sidewalk program or has unresolved issues about repairs made this year, contact the Department of Public works at 326-6320.

Public Works is currently marking locations for this fall’s tree plantings. If a resident would like a tree planted in front of their house, call the Department of Public Works. Residents will be notified if they are having a tree planted and white dot on the curb will indicate the exact location of the new tree. Public Works will try to fill resident requests for certain species, but the type of tree planted in front of your house will mainly depend on its availability on the truck when the contractor arrives at your location.

As a safety reminder to residents, call the Department of Public Works if you see a street light out within the village.

Noise Abatement Committee

Trustee Mary-Grace Tomecki reported that during the last two weeks of September, the village experienced a significant increase in the volume of helicopters utilizing the Track Route. The Track Route is the flight path that positions helicopter pilots above the Long Island Rail Road tracks that cut through Floral Park.

The increase in the use of the Track Route was necessitated by a series of measures implemented by the Department of Homeland Security to help monitor and secure air traffic throughout the opening of the 64th session of the United Nations General Assembly. Firstly, Homeland Security closed the Throgs Route, which runs along the North Shore of Long Island. This action automatically limited the number of routes available to choppers. Secondly, Homeland Security stipulated that all helicopters departing from out-of-state airports with the intent to access or land at New York area airports initially land at Republic Airport in Farmingdale to obtain security clearance. With the closure of the Throgs Route, the only way in and out of Republic Airport was via the Track Route. And, while the closing of the Throgs Route is a security measure that has been implemented in past years, the decision to require helicopter pilots to gain clearance from Republic was a new policy. Hence, the combination of both measures forced the majority of pilots to fly the Track Route, generating excessive noise from the skies above throughout the opening of the United Nations General Assembly.

The weekend of Oct. 2-4 was also noticeably noisier as jet aircraft preparing to land on Runways 22L and 22R at Kennedy International Airport streamed in the skies above Floral Park.  The increase in air traffic reflected the fact that Runways 13R and 31L were closed for construction purposes from 11 p.m. to 7:30 a.m. throughout the weekend. The runway closures, along with specific weather patterns, regretfully favored the use of the 22s. Nevertheless, at times, the approaches to the 22s did vary inasmuch as pilots were able to use the VOR or visual approach, placing flight patterns slightly east of Floral Park. Unfortunately, as many residents are already aware, the VOR approach can only be utilized when weather conditions permit and, moreover, the number of planes landing on the 22s is less than 38 per hour. Consequently, there were extended periods of time when pilots were forced to utilize the ILS approach, putting arrivals onto Runways 22L and 22R directly over Floral Park, as residents experienced this past weekend.

In addition, the Aviation Development Council reported to Trustee Tomecki that from Oct. 5-10, Runways 13R and 31L remained closed on the overnights for necessary construction. Once again, this promoted the need for continued use of the 22s on the overnights.


Covert Avenue Chamber of Commerce News

Trustee Dom Longobardi reported that the Covert Avenue Chamber of Commerce street fair held Sept. 26 was a success due to great weather and a lot of helping hands. All of the chamber members, including Chamber President Cathy Grassman, Vice Presidents Anna McCarthy and Anne Musso, Jeanine Ventimiglia, Dr. Jay Piskin and Stephanie Larkin worked extremely hard to make the day great. Trustee Longobardi also thanked the mayor of Stewart Manor, Jim Kelly, and his staff for their dedicated work, Floral Park Village Administrator Virginia Appel and her staff, Public Works, and the Floral Park Police Department for their hard work.

Trustee Longobardi also extended his congratulations to the Covert Avenue Chamber of Commerce’s “Business Person of the Year” Anna McCarthy, who “deserves this award for her consideration and concern for the success of not only the Covert Avenue business district but for all business throughout Floral Park and the surrounding communities.”


Floral Park Public Library Happenings

Trustee Longobardi also reported that the Floral Park Public Library has a new library director.

“Tracey Simon comes from the Lynbrook Public Library where she worked as the assistant library director. Tracey has a background in public relations that will be a positive influence in promoting the vast and wonderful programs and amenities our library has to offer,” Trustee Longobardi said. “Tracey’s work in a village library similar to ours will make it an easy transition for her.”

He thanked the library board for their hard work, extra hours and dedication during the transition and offered a special thanks to Jeanette Newman who has been filling in as acting director.

Along with the library staff, Trustee Longobardi is looking forward to the library’s upcoming changes and continued success throughout the fall season.

On motion by Trustee James Rhatigan, seconded by Trustee Tweedy and carried unanimously, Mayor Kevin Greene recessed the meeting at 8:45 p.m.

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