Muscarella, Tumminello Vie for 8th Legislative District Seat


On Nov. 3, residents of the Nassau County’s 8th Legislative District will choose their representative in the Nassau County Legislature for the next two years. Incumbent Vincent Muscarella is being challenged by Gaspare Tumminello. The district encompasses Franklin Square, Stewart Manor, West Hempstead, Garden City and Garden City South as well as parts of Elmont and Floral Park.

Vincent Muscarella

Vincent Muscarella is seeking re-election as legislator of Nassau County’s 8th Legislative District. He was first elected in 1996 at the inception of the Nassau County Legislature. Prior to that, he served as a New York State assemblyman from 1991-1995. He is running on the Republican, Conservative and Independence lines.

“Over the last 10 years, while my opponent’s party has been in power, Nassau County has had an increase in taxes and a decrease in services,” said Muscarella. “I have a good feeling for my district. I’m concerned that my daughters will not be able to afford to stay on Long Island. I’m concerned that our seniors who have given so much to our community, will not be able to afford living here. We need a new direction for Nassau County and I ask that our residents give the Republicans a chance.”

Muscarella strongly feels that taxes are too high and that the county has to reign in spending. He states that if Republicans win back the majority in the Nassau County Legislature this fall, their first order of business will be to repeal the energy tax. In addition, he states that the county needs to be more prudent about its spending. Muscarella said that he favors a zero-based budgeting approach and would like every expenditure evaluated and have every commissioner evaluate every program for its cost and effectiveness. He feels that some services have either become obsolete or can be done cheaper. He also feels that there is a need to share services both within county government and with other forms of government such as on a town, village or school district level.

“I don’t believe that the county taxes too little, I believe that the county spends too much,” said Muscarella. “We need to get taxes under control and fix the broken assessment system which causes taxpayers to pay more than they should and causes the county to increase its bonding to payback the taxes the residents never should have had to pay in the first place. We have to effectively represent our citizens to bring essential services so that our streets are safe and our business prosper, but we have to do so at reasonable costs.”

Muscarella also feels that his strong ties to the community have made him a good legislator and have given him a strong understanding of the residents’ concerns. He feels that he brings an understanding of how government affects communities and that has made him a well rounded public servant.

Vincent Muscarella has lived in the district for all of his life and has been a resident of West Hempstead for 26 years. He has a law practice in Franklin Square that handles general law issues such as real estate and estates. He is a member of the Elmont-Franklin Square Chamber of Commerce, a past president of the Franklin Square Lions Club, a member of the West Hempstead Civic Association and a former vice-president of the America Lodge of the Sons of Italy.


Gaspare Tumminello


Gaspare Tumminello, a deputy commissioner for Nassau County is seeking to become the legislator from Nassau County’s 8th Legislative District. This will be the first time that he is running for public office. He is running on the Democratic and Working Families Party lines.

“We need leadership to address the high property tax issue,” said Tumminello. “My opponent has been in office for 14 years and many residents do not know who he is. He has not been the voice of the people. We need someone who wants to eliminate waste, fraud and abuse and who will speak out about the high property taxes. I am that person.”

To address the issue of high property taxes, Tumminello says he will find ways for the county to create revenue, rather than cutting programs. He cites his initiating and planning an online surplus auction as an example of an idea that will generate more revenue. According to Tumminello, he presented a plan to take Nassau County’s auction of surplus equipment online and this has generated over $1 million in revenue and has saved the county $23 million as departments within the county have also bid on these items and did not have to purchase them from outside vendors. Tumminello says he will bring these ideas to county government and to his district.

Additionally, he is a supporter of the Long Island Lighthouse Project on the site of the Nassau Coliseum as he believes this will create 70,000 jobs and 19,000 permanent jobs. Tumminello agrees with County Executive Tom Suozzi’s 90/10 plan for Nassau. He says that he loves Long Island for its beauty with many attractions, such as its beaches. He also feels that Nassau is a great place because it is convenient to many things and believes that this new 90/10 plan is needed in order for the residents of Nassau to continue to be able to live affordably here.

“I compare Nassau County right now to Levittown. Just as Levittown created suburbia, this plan will create new suburbia,” said Tumminello.

Tumminello grew up in Franklin Square where he still currently resides. He is engaged to his high school sweetheart Rosangela, and the couple plans to live in the area after their wedding in the summer of 2010. Tumminello holds a bachelor’s degree from St. John’s University in government and politics and a master’s degree from St. John’s in public administration. He is a member of the West Hempstead Rotary Club, the Franklin Square Chamber of Commerce, the Long Island Breakfast Club and Nassau County Young Democrats. Tumminello has been endorsed by the Long Island Gasoline Retailers Association. His campaign website is


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