From the Desk of Senator Craig Johnson – September 11, 2009


Ranked Among Most Effective in Passing Legislation

Senator Craig M. Johnson, (D-Nassau), has been ranked as one of the senators with the highest number of bills that passed the chamber during this last legislative session, according to an analysis released by the New York Public Interest Research Group (NYPIRG).

According to NYPIRG’s report, 24 bills sponsored by Johnson passed the Senate during the 2009 legislative session; that is the third highest ranking for the 62-member chamber.

“I am proud to have this distinction, but more importantly I am proud to have been able to secure passage of legislation that is important to the residents of the 7th Senate District and New York State as a whole,” Johnson said.

This included legislation to:

• Prohibit workplace discrimination against victims of domestic violence and stalking (S.958B.)

• Protect Nassau’s finances (S.4033.)

• Protect the safety of its roads by giving Nassau County the authority to install red light cameras at dangerous intersections (S.3749.)

• Outlaw “spoofing,” which is the practice of a person or solicitor altering their Caller ID number with the intent to defraud, harass, mislead or harm the recipient of the call (S.2753.)

• Require the elimination of the word “oriental” from state documents (S.5048.)

• Increase transparency, accountability and public scrutiny in government by expanding the definition of public body to include advisory committees (S.3348A) and requiring all public bodies to post their meeting times on their Web sites (S2754.)

A full list of Johnson’s legislation can be found at

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