New Law Provides ‘Silver’ Lining to Protect Seniors


Standing near the front door of his late friend’s home, Nassau County Legislator Wayne Wink (D-Roslyn), announced his proposed Silver Alert Law to protect senior citizens and other individuals afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and other cognitive disorders. Named in memory of Legislator Wink’s friend, Hal Doliner, whose death was caused by the ravages of Alzheimer’s, the Silver Alert system will closely resemble the Amber Alert for missing children. The Nassau County Police Department will coordinate with the police of the county’s two cities, villages and other police departments.

Legislator Wink said, “We all instinctively understand when a child is lost or abducted that the child is nearly defenseless. For many suffering from Alzheimer’s, dementia and other cognitive disorders, that same level of defenselessness exists. The Silver Alert legislation will provide for the quick, multi-jurisdictional dissemination of information regarding missing senior citizens and other individuals suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, and cognitive disorders so that they can be returned to the safety and comfort of loved ones. Having all the police departments coordinate their efforts through open lines of communication will help provide more happy endings for families.”

The importance of multi-jurisdictional communication was emphasized by Marianne D’Amico, of Floral Park, whose husband Pat, also an Alzheimer’s patient, was reported missing earlier this month and, thankfully, found two days later in a Flushing hospital.

Hal’s widow, Claudia Doliner, added “The implementation of Silver Alert will stand as a tribute to my husband and will prevent future tragedies from happening in Nassau County.”


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